Get a Grip

DATE: 2023-05-05
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Poe
PAX: Disco, Short Rib, Anchorman, Kodiak, Old Bay, Sunshine, Big Short, CableGuy, Undertow, citrus, Lazlo FNGs: Attache, Blart
WARMUP: SSH, IW, Michael Phelps, Cherry Pickers, Willy Mays Hayes, Down Dog, WGS, mosey 1 lap

THE THANG: 1 round Catch Me if You Can – perform 2 burpees, then catch partner who is running backward to other end line; switch and run back

Partner up at stations – Timer = farmer carry 60 lb dumbbell down sidewalk and back while other pax perform exercise at stations, then rotate; stations = merkins, step ups, wall dips, single leg toe touches, squats, sit ups

Ricky Bobbie 1 lap around parking lot

All pax lunge walk back and forth to school with 2 pax at a time farmer carrying 60 lb dumbbells

Mosey back to field for Mary

MARY: big boy sit ups, toy soldiers, Freddy Mercuries

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Memorial Day Murph location TBD, Dads Camp June 2-4, convergence June 17 likely at Patriot

COT: Fad workouts are making men weaker than prior generations with grip strength declining in Millenials and Gen Z compared to prior generations. We started fixing that today just by carrying heavy things around.

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