Dads’ Camp | 2021

Dad’s Camp was a tremendous success! We had about 20 families and over 40 make it for the hike, the overnight, or both. We’re all looking forward to next year!

I.   The Plan:

  1. Hike Big Schloss from Wolf Gap Recreation Center Campground (Wardensville WV, 16851 – no street address; will show up in Google or Waze upon typing “Wolf Gap Recreation Center”)
    1. Meet at parking lot at 10:00 AM (leave your house at or before 08:00)
    2. Hike Q: Lucius (202-36-6787)
    3. Directions (or use your smartphone**)
      1. Take 66 West to I-81 South
      2. Take Exit 283 (Woodstock VA)
      3. Turn right on VA-42 (aka Reservoir Road), follow for 5.2 miles
      4. Turn right onto VA-768 (aka Union Church Road) at Union Church (its white), follow for 0.1 miles
      5. Slight left onto State Route 623 (Back Road), follow 0.2 miles
      6. Turn Right onto State Route 675 (Wolf Gap Road) at Stony Creek; follow up mountain to Wolf Gap Recreation Center Campground.

** If Waze tries to take you through Wardensville, do not follow its instructions.  The route through Woodstock is faster and easier!

  1.  For hard chargers who want a longer hike, either with elder 2.0’s or for HIM’s who are on their own, we will hike the Signal Knob Loop 
    1. Meet at the Elizabeth’s Furnace parking lot at 11:00 AM to drive to the trail head.  Meet at  It’s a short drive to the trail head at
    2. Plan to leave your house around 9:30am to meet at the rally point. Leave a little earlier if you want to stake your camping spot before we leave.
    3. Hike Q:  Fish Fry (703-405-3750)
    4. Expect the hike to take about 5 hours.  Suggested that you bring a day pack with water, lunch, and snacks.  Plan is to lunch at Signal Knob about 2.5-3 hours in. There is little water along the route, so bring at least about 3 L of water for the outing
    5. Use your smartphone direction via Waze or Google from What3words to get to the rally point.  We will likely arrive back at camp later than the Big Schloss group due to the length of the hike. Use your judgement about setting up beforehand if you have a strong preference for camping sites. 
    6. Description of the hike is at  
  1. Camp at Elizabeth Furnace Group Camp (15618 Fort Valley Rd, Fort Valley VA 22652)
    1.  We have reserved both campsites
    2. Gate Combination is: 1471        
    3. There is a short walk (100 yards) from the parking area to our site.  Pack accordingly.
    4. There is no potable water at the campsite.  Please bring water with you.
    5. This is a pack-in, pack-out campsite.  We will take our garbage with us.
    6. Meals
      1. Dinner co-Q: PopFly and Lucius
      2. Breakfast Q: El Nino and Microchip
  1. Additional Details
    1. Check Slack 
    2. Ask Lucius: 202.360.6787
    3. For more info on the family hike, see:
    4. For more info on the hard charger hike, see:  
    5. For more info on our campsite and surrounding area, see:

Mar. 23 2021 Rev. 1.1

II. The Packing List: Day Hike


-Rain Jacket
– Rain Pants (Optional, but a good idea depending on temperature)
– Lunch
– Fleece or puffy coat for the summit


– non cotton shirt (F3 Logo not mandatory, but advised)
-wool socks
– pants or shorts (not jeans)

    III.   The Packing List:  Overnight

Pack (for each camper):

-sleeping bag 
-sleeping pad (make sure it can be packed into a small bag)
– pillow (if desired)
– tent, rain fly, and footprint (if needed) (shared)
– headlamp or flashlight (put in new batteries before you leave)
-rain jacket (big enough to go over heavy clothes)
-fleece jacket (something thicker than a shirt)(no sweatshirts)
-complete change of clothes for sleeping (socks, shirt, shorts, underwear)
– Crocs or sandals for fashion (and to wear in camp)
– pocket knife
– nalgene bottle
– coffee/hot cocoa cup (to reduce waste, we will limit use of disposable cups)
– camp cutlery (if you have it; if not we will have plates, bowls, and plastic silverware)
– toothbrush, toothpaste, and personal kit 
– any personal medications
– camp chair
– TP (you can never have too much, but definitely can have too little)
– baby wipes
– glasses, contacts

Don’t Forget to Pack (Cold Weather Gear):

-2 x beanie hat (one will get wet or lost; bring 2)
– 2 x gloves (one will get wet or lost; bring 2)
– long johns; capilene; or other base layer
– extra wool socks

Pack (If You Sleep Cold (or Use a Summer Sleeping Bag)):

– extra, dry layers of clothes for sleeping
– nalgene bottle (to be filled with hot water and placed in sleeping bag)
– fleece blanket or sleeping bag liner (to line sleeping bag)
– extra mattress pad/thermarest (increase R value)


– Snack to share at campsite in afternoon
– Extra water for you and family
– Sense of adventure

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