The ARC | 2021

The ARC 2021 went off without a hitch! Here’s a video and some pictures and a video.

For those of you asking for information about the Abominable Ruck Challenge, here is a summary:

When: Feb. 6, 2021 @ 8:00 PM

Where: Columbia Island Marina (George Washington Memorial Pkwy, Arlington, VA 22202)

What: Overnight ruck challenge led by F3 The Capital.  Will include ruck PT, ruck movements, and carrying things. Event will end approximately 12 hours after start time.  A shorter, approximately-four-hour loop will be available for those new to rucking or who have to report to work at 02:00. We will start as a group and end as a group.  Leave no snowman behind.

COVID Protocols: PAX will wear masks throughout, and will physically distance, as the challenge will allow.

Why: Teach and strengthen leadership and teamwork habits via a F3TheCapital CSAUP event.  Accelerate personal and regional growth.  Run CSAUP at low to no cost, with COVID protocols in place.  Team starts together and ends together, leaving no man behind.

Packing List:

  1. Rucksack (any make or brand)
  2. Over 150 lbs – 30 lb weight
  3. Under 150 lbs – 20 lb weight
  4. Hydration bladder (2L min, 3L recommended)
  5. Nalgene bottle for extra water
  6. Headlamp, needs to have 10 hour battery 
  7. Reflector badge or tape on your ruck
  8. Wind/rain jacket
  9. Face mask (recommend more than 1 for full event)
  10. Hat and gloves (extra set of its cold or wet out)
  11. Snacks and water supplements (calories & electrolytes)
  12. Highly recommend change of clothes, leave in your car. It’s there to change before you head home or meet for coffee. 

Start your prep now!  Any questions, reachout on SLACK.

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