GrowRuck 35

March 24-26, 2023

The Pitch

“Deeds, Not Words” was the credo of President George Washington.  It is also the motto for F3 The Capital’s #GTE35.

Those in F3 know that inspirational words are found in many places in life.  We find them in religious text.  We hear them from current and historical leaders.  We read them in self-help and mentorship texts, and yes, the Q Source.   Most importantly, we learn them from our fellow PAX after a good beatdown in the COT. 

Turn those words into deeds with F3 The Capital’s #GTE35.  The Mission of F3 is to Plant, Grow, and Serve small workout groups for men, for the invigoration of male community leadership. For more information, head to GrowRuck Training Events (GTEs) are designed to help men accelerate their leadership journey and reinforce becoming HIGH IMPACT MEN through the 3 Fs: Fitness, Fellowship and Faith.  During a GTE, we leave no man behind and leave no man where we find him.  We struggle together to become better men for our communities and our families.  Join us as we start our journey in Arlington, where our heroes rest and then venture across the Potomac River to our nation’s capital amongst the monuments and memorials for the famous forefathers who lead and all those who sacrificed to give us what we have today.

Burpees at the Washington Monument, rucking the Lincoln Memorial stairs, bear crawling past the cherry blossoms,  a moment of honorable silence at a war memorial? Who knows how the leadership cadre will weave the District into our GTE!   Toil with your brothers and learn to turn knowledge into action and lead an impactful life.

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