Welcome to F3 The Capital

What is F3?

F3 is a national network of free, peer-led workouts for men. At the local level, including here in F3TheCapital, we’re simply a group of guys having fun working out together at various locations in the DC Metro area. We started running one bootcamp at Yorktown HS/Greenbrier Park in Arlington, VA with a few guys three times a week, and we now have 10+ workouts a week throughout our region with more than 150 active guys a month.

Most are boot camp workouts, but there are also running/rucking workouts. It’s a bit like CrossFit, but without egos, or paying $200 a month, or being embarrassed if you can’t lift 200 lbs. over your head. 

Also, we find that the guys that show up and workout end up wanting to grab a coffee or a beer together and do fun stuff like mud runs (Spartan/Tough Mudder. etc.), ruck events (GoRuck), and fundraising workouts (Jennifer Bush-Lawson Foundation 5K, Race for Hope, Etc.).

We also volunteer for  things like canned food drives for the local community food bank, working on the playground structure at the local Boys & Girls club, clearing trails, laying wreaths at local national cemeteries, and donating clothing and toys to worthy causes, etc. 

How do you Start?

First, pick a workout location, then simply show up on the time/day that works for you. We recommend Friday or Saturdays for your first since we go for coffee afterwards. If you still have questions and want to talk with someone click HERE.

What’s the Catch?

There really is no catch. The guys that run this group are just like you.

What do we get out of it?  We get in shape, meet new friends, and help our communities, and that is really it.

All you have to do is show up (maybe bring a pair of work gloves). If you are a little hesitant, we get that. The whole “F3 Nation” gets it too.  Here are the top five excuses  and how you can check it out while gaining a little experience to see if it’s for you.

Just give us 45 minutes and a workout to see for yourself. Your fitness level does not matter. We won’t leave you behind. And whatever your level, expect a challenge.

We’ve seen what F3 does for men, and we know what it can do for you. 

See you there!

…and if you are traveling throughout the country, there are thousands of workouts per week across the country and F3 Nation.

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