2ndF Events

Dads’ Camp

We get out of the DC Metro Area and spend some time in the great outdoors with our kids! Its a day full of hiking and games, and a night around the campfire telling ghost stories and trying to stay warm!

In F3, we are all about finding ways to bring our High Impact Men (HIM) together. One way we do this is by particpating in challenges that are Completey Stupid and Utterly Pointless (CSAUP).

How do you know you have the makings of a good CSAUP? Just describe it to your better half – she’ll let you know.

At F3 The Capital, we host anual CSAUP events. Althrough they are CSAUP, we also try to connect them with other things in our nation’s history, or to provide a means to fundraise or give-back to the community. These events are described below.

September 11th Stair Climb

We climb the steps to the Lincoln Monument 24 times to honor the 110 flights of stairs first responders climbed on 9-11-2001.

The ARC!

The ARC is short for the Abominable Ruck Challenge. The first Annual ARC will be an overnight Ruck Challenge in early February when temps are cold and Yetti come out to play.


The GRUNT is an annual CSAUP event organized by F3 The Captial. It is held the week of Veteran’s Day to pay our respect to the sacrificies of the millions of veterans who have served our country.

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