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Iron Pax Challenge


A little over 5 years ago some of the men of F3 Greenwood were sitting around at coffeteria, boasting of their athletic prowess. That conversation – “he can run faster than me but I can do more pull-ups than him” – led these men to thinking of what it would take to create a local competition to see just who was the best PAX in the Region. Pretty soon, the challenge went from being a local challenge to a national one.

After a few rounds of sugar free vanilla soy lattes and nonfat, mocha frappuccinos with whip, the IronPAX Challenge (IPC) was born.

Knowing that men are competitive by nature, the IPC is intended to challenge all men of F3 Nation by requiring you to perform to a strict standard. Historically, the challenge takes place during the month of Semptember and consists of four, weekly workouts.

At it’s core, the IPC is a “You vs You” competition, designed to push you beyond what you think you can do.


Short Answer – Because it unifies your region.

Long Answer – It brings out the best in all of us by emphasizing the “picking up the 6” mentality. It pushes men to get out of their comfort zone and complete a tougher-than-usual workout to an exact standard and then circle back to do even more work so every man finishes together.

It’s a CSAUP event that lures in the FNGs and welcomes back the Kotters.


Every man can do it.

The workouts are hard, but there are ways to modify. We want each man to complete each week of the challenge. It’s all about what you can do and how you can get better.

F3 The Capital is an annual participant in the IPC.

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