Cinco MdM

DATE: 2023-05-05
AO: Aerie
Q: Stewie
PAX: Passport, Lonestar, Rocketman, Chasqui, Yellow Jacket, Renaissance, MacGruber FNGs: None
Wind Mills
Mountain climbers
Michael Phelps
Cherry Pickers
Bat wings

Cinco MdM (metodo de movimiento)

Relay objects around field.
1. Murderbunny cindy,
2. Rifle carry 45lbsand pill,
3. 45lbRuck shuffle tied to 50lbSandbag drag,
4. 80lb heavybag drag,
5. Bearcrawl bowling ball

PAX pick an available coupon to lug; all others mosey. Coupons move one time around the field to complete a round. As Mosiers pass a Coupon Lugger the coupon is exchanged making the former Lugger a Mosier and repeato to relieve the next PAX in succession. Only a Mosier can relieve a Coupon Lugger. Fat Cindy however remained lonely at the start because Fat Cindy doesn’t like to move much. We gave Fat Cindy some love by squatting with her 10x when passing by. We kept going until all items went once around 1/2 field. (50yd to sideline)

Repeato 2x

Ring of Fire – 8 Pax
Flutter kicks @Stewie
Burpees @MacGruber
Ankle Taps @Renaissance
Freddie Mercury @Rocketman
Big Boy Sit-Ups @Yellow Jacket
Shoulder Tap Merkins @Lone Star
American Hammer @Passport
Squats (a whole bunch of them) @Chasqui

Final round of Cinco MdM (called an audible to go 1/4 field due to time.

Motivators @ 8

MARY: Took care of Mary in ROF


1. Park Valley Church ( Haymarket) kickoff for the Mens Alliance Tribe tomorrow, May 6 at 7:45am located at overflow parking lot. Recurring weekly. 30min workout+30 min devotional.

2. Murph coming up. Need head count whos in heading out to Burke Lake or if we can get more participation by doing our own Murph locally. Either way the event is open to Pax, 2.0s, and M’s. Prepare by coming out to Murph Mondays at Broad Run Middle School.

3. Monthly 2.0 3rd Sat of the month. Sounds like some folks are traveling that weekend so need head count; potentially slide this month if it makes sense.

Friday is a day to finish your goals for the week.
It is a day to celebrate that which you set out to accomplish at the beginning of the week. Well done! -Bryon Pulsifer

The greatest teacher, failure is.

Think about your successes and failures over the past week and use today to reflect and plan how your going to attack the next.

Closing prayers

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