Sprints, stairs…smoked

DATE: 2023-05-05
AO: Sparta
Q: Lightyear
PAX: Zeus, Bluegrass, K-Pop, Nano, Peanuts, Doodles, Flapjack, Hightower, Iron Eagle, Monte Karlo FNGs: Roadhouse
WARMUP: SSH, cherry pickers, failure to launch, down dog into cobra, and a fellowship paced mosey lap THE THANG:
– Run 200m, jog 200m
– walk lunge 100m, sprint 100m, jog 200m,
– gave the legs a quick break with 10 Burpees and 25 Merkins
– hit bleachers for 2x up and down followed by 15 dips and 10 Merkins then 3x up and down followed by 30 dips. – Made our way back to the track for 100m walking lunge, 100m sprint, 100m jog. – 15 burpees (peanuts idea), and Eskimo merkins
– jog 200m, Sprint 100m, high knees 100m
*in total the PAX covered 1.60 miles
MARY: American Hammer, Pickle Pounders, and Toe Touches
ANNOUNCEMENTS: K-Pop taking SPARTA site Q, dads camp 2 Jun, 2nd F 24 May IHO our new Nantan, Nano! And get ready for the Murph.
COT: core principles vs being open minded. One does not cancel out the other… you can have core principles that your unwilling to bend on, that doesn’t mean you’re close minded. Know who you are and what you stand.

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