BOMBS Partner Reverse Pyramid

DATE: 2023-04-24
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Gherkin
PAX: Kodiak, Purple Rain, Mr Haand, Trifecta, SPINAL TAP, citrus FNGs: Atache, Comish
WARMUP: Side straddle hop, Imperial Walkers, Michael Phelps, Cherry Pickers, Cobra Kai

Partner Up
1 HIM traverses across field and back while other exercises
Switch partners after each set

Set 1
Run to the other side of the field
50 Double Merkin (B)urpees

Set 2
Backwards run to end of field
100 (O)verhead Claps

Set 3
Walking Lunges 20 yards
150 (M)erkins

Set 4
Bear crawl 20 yards
200 (B)ig Boy Situps

Set 5
Run to other end of the field
250 (S)quats

Leg Lifts, Box Cutters, LBCs

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Dad’s Camp in June, Bonethon

COT: The days are long but the years are short. It’s easy to lose sight of what’s important during our daily grind but the years go by fast. 2023 is almost 1/3 done. Try to appreciate it and focus on what’s important.

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