Looks like we MADE it

DATE: 2023-04-24
AO: Farm
Q: Sparky
PAX: Infinity, Chile
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, Michael Phelps, Surrenders, Beet pickers, WMH, calve stretch, mozy THE THANG: MADE (Merkins, Air, Dupa, Everything else
Box rotation of Merkins (Regular, Wide Grip, Diamond, and Regular0 Air (squat jumps, Squat jacks, Bobby Hurley, skate jumps), Dupa (squats, side lunges, monkey humpers, summo squats) and ETC (Plank, dead bugs, glute bridges, single leg raises) MARY: LBC, penguin crunches, flutter kicks
ANNOUNCEMENTS: good job on the road cleanup
COT: the road to Errasmus
When the Disciples were on the road to Errasmus, they didn’t notice Jesua was with them until be blessed the bread at their meal and then gave them the Irish goodbye.
We need to be aware that we may be in the midst of something great and should appreciate all that we are doing and who we are with. You never know how good things can be until you look back. Our challenge is to cherish all those we are with and what we do today.

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