The CRAUP beat down

DATE: 2022-12-20
AO: Delphi
Q: Nano
PAX: Bambino, Pop Fly, Hoolihan, Dunder, Peanuts, Norwood
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, WMH, rocketts, good mornings, Cherry pickers
THE THANG: Round 1:
Goal keeper Plyometrics, 6 stations:
1. Left hop
2. Right hop
3. Bunny hop,
4. Broad jump,
5. Super Mario jumps
6. Touch the cone exercise

Rinse and repeat 1x.

Round 2:
Break into 3 teams. Each team had a medicine ball, and did the following to find the randomly placed cones: 40#-walk
30#-bear crawl
20#-crab walk
Where each PAX on the team could only teach the ball once at a time.

The cones had numbers on them and we did the corresponding number of merkins, air squats, and 18 burpees. MARY: yep!
COT: Tis the season to give, but also to receive! Be a gracious gift recipient, it makes you appreciate the person who is willing to give you gifts and they feel better about themselves as well!

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