Just a few more minutes in the fartsack

DATE: 2022-12-21
AO: Patriot
Q: Lazlo
PAX: Spokes, Big Short, Shake ‘N’ Bake, Elvis, CableGuy, Wedding Singer, Flipper, Legacy, XL, Ice Tea, Maj. Payne, Anchorman FNGs: Bo
13 PAX posted eagerly awaiting a Lazlo beatdown. As the clock struck 0530, no Lazlo was to be found, which meant a pot luck Q. Here’s what happened…

WARMUP: Maj Payne led the WU: 15 x SSH, 10 x IW, 5 x Inch Worm Merkins, 10 x Don Quixotes, 10 x WMH

First sesh was with Maj Payne: 11s – Coupon thrusters and Burpees with travel being 10 yds bear crawls down and lunge walk back.
2nd sesh with Cable Guy – Murder bunny to the 10 yd line and run back to the end zone. Then head to the coupon and murder bunny to the 30 and run back. Then to the coupon and murder bunny to the 50 and hold. Moonshot murder bunny all the way to the far end zone. Rifle carry back to the near end zone.
3rd sesh with Elvis – 30 x coupon curls, around the worlds left and right, 30 x toe tappers, 25 x step overs.

MARY: Wedding Singer led the PAX in: 50 x LBC, 20 x Freddie Mercuries, 10 x Nolan Ryans left and right side with bonus leg lifts. 20 x Flutter kicks

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Shake and Bake asked for PAX to bring their extra coats to donate on Friday. Also, Maj Payne will be leading ruck workouts beginning Wednesday for every Wednesday through January. Bring a ruck. If no ruck, then a coupon will work too. The beatdown will be focused on strength building.

COT: Lazlo the Q finally decided to post in time to deliver fantastic words about forgiveness and understanding. Also Happy Holidays — Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

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