The Big Train

DATE: 2022-12-20
AO: Atlantis
Q: True North
PAX: Infinity, True North, Bone, Bratwurst, Deflator, Lazlo, Hammerhead FNGs: None
WARMUP: 20x SSH and snow angels. 10x negative situps on a bench, 10x reverse negative situps
THE THANG: mosey = Indian run with last guy doing 3 box jumps first, to stadium. at steps, do # reps on steps of air squats (1st landing), american hammers (2nd landing), burpees (top landing) where # = 12x, 11x, 10x, … down to 1x. Mosey to front of stadium, lunge halfway down the walk and run back to 12x merkins, repeat for 11x, 10x. Lunge walk half that to Walter “Big Train” Johnson with 9x-7x merkins. Mosey back with box jumps as before. MARY: 20x australian snow angels, finish 6x – 1x merkins.
COT: Prepare as best as we may, we will never “be ready” for Christmas and what it means. Draw strength in knowing the Holy Family was also confronted with being without a full family around them and by themselves in the cold the first Christmas.

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