Fun and Games

DATE: 2022-09-12
AO: Patriot
Q: Lazlo
PAX: Tea Party, My Space, Booking, CableGuy, Shake ‘N’ Bake, Wedding Singer FNGs: FNG Mayhem
The Q was still feeling a little grouchy in the upper body from Friday IPC. And a little achy in the lower body from the stair climb. So today seemed like a good day for some fun and games. Or at least some “fun” and games.

WARMUP: SSH, Imperial Walkers, hillbillies, Michael Phelps, Willie Mays Hayes, cherry pickers, downward dog, and a lap

THE THANG: First a @jenner special. Divide into two teams and race to the opposite goal line. First PAX does a broad jump then holds plank. Next PAX runs to the first one, does a broad jump and holds plank, while the first one can run back and tag the next PAX. And so on. Team 1 dominated.

Then some individual games of Catch Me If You Can. First was reverse run vs. 5 merkins (or burpees if you’re @Tea Party). Next was Crawl Bear vs. 5 BWS and Bear Crawl.

Then a few rounds of F3 Name that Tune. PAX bid for the highest number of burpees that could be finished while the rest of the PAX ran to the 50 and back. @Booking won the bidding, but no more, as it turns out 15 burpees was too many. Then it was # of HR Merkins while the field reverse ran to the 40 and back. This one was a photo finish, with @My Space just finishing 20. Then the bid was how far you can crab walk out and back before the field finished 10 burpees. The field took this one when @Tea Party and the Q came up a bit short trying to make it to the 25 and back.

And last, we split back into teams and raced to the end zone again. On the way out it was one PAX doing 10 merkins, followed by another PAX doing 10 merkins, every 5 yards, holding plank while not doing the merkins. On the way back, same idea but 5 Bonnie Blairs (hard way) and holding Al Gore.

It’s possible that Team 1 dominated the competitions today. I don’t recall.

MARY: Captain Thor to 6 and back down.


COT: After the stair climb yesterday, the Q went about a normal Sunday and never heard 9/11 mentioned again. Thanks to F3 and all the organizers and attendees for making that a special event, keeping it in our minds and consciousnesses, and even teaching the younger generation about what happened that day.

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