Ring around the conesies

DATE: 2022-09-12
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Obadiah
PAX: Obadiah
FNGs: Attaché, Kombucha, crowbar, Mr Haand
WARMUP: SSH, rockettes, WMH, cherrypickers, down dog, mtn climbers THE THANG: quick mosey and recognition that blocks were at Patriot. No bother

Using the soccer midline circle, 4 cones around evenly spread marked out an 1: upper 2: ab 3: lower and 4: cardio exercise. Traversing between each cone was a workout- bear crawls, broad jumps, lunges. Q called out exercise and we executed then traversed to next cone, 5? Times around

MARY: done at cone 2
COT: 9/12…lots of families left to deal with the day after, left to pick up the pieces. Let’s not forget both the lost and the left behind.

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