My Meatloaf Manifesto

DATE: 2022-08-27
AO: Sandlot
Q: Legacy
PAX: Legacy
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, Imp Walkers, Hill Billy

1st Hour: run to new Quincy Park, at park 10 minute OCR hangs (five burpees every time off the bar); 60 yards of bear crawl, run back to Sandlot, on W-L baseball diamond: bear crawl and crawl bear on inside of infield around bases.

2nd Hour: To-W-L, there: Modified Meatloaf Massacre, 9-11 Stair prep variation. 9 minute stair loop. (To the tune of Paradise by the Dashboard Light); then 10 burpees,20 merkins 30 yards of bear crawl, 40 LBC

Repeat 3 more times, with shorter stair loops, to the tunes of “I’d Do Anything for Love,” “Idiot Stare,” and “Beat it Down,”

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 9-11 Stairclimb
COT: At its highest level, fellowship transcends in-person interaction. Here is a reality of life: at some point, you may find yourself in great adversity…and all “alone.”

When you are “alone,” keep it lowercase “alone.” BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Tap into the spirit of your F3 Brothers. We are with you. One of the fantastic things about F3 workouts is that, ultimately, they are “you versus you” anyway. So it is a paradox: it is better to work out together, but you are only competing against yourself. So, the next time you find yourself alone in a difficult situation, remember, it’s just the same old you vs. you that you have faced during every F3 beat down. If the hands of fate leave you to face a meatloaf massacre by yourself, then look at the bright side: the whole meatloaf is all yours.


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