Rock of Ages

DATE: 2022-07-29
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Lazlo
PAX: Kodiak, Disco, Magoo, Mayberry, Mr Haand, sticks
FNGs: Attaché
WARMUP: SSH, Imperial Walkers, LBACs, cherry pickers, willie Mayes Hayes, down dog, coupon retrieval

THE THANG: PAX partnered Dora style. @mayberry noted that the gloom seemed, well, gloomy. Then things got worse when the tunes started. In true Dora fashion, one PAX did an exercise while the other traveled, then flap jacked. But no counting. The exercises changed with each song. They were: Merkins, run across the field and back
Calf raises, bear crawl 20 yards and back
Curls, run
Burpee, rifle carry 20 and back
OH press, lunge walk 20 and back
OH clap, murder bunny 20 and back
Big boy sit ups, run
Leg raises, crab walk 20 and back

MARY: flutter kicks

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 9/11 coming up

COT: stealing a theme from @maj. Payne, and one that the QIC needed a reminder of. Patience and grace. We all need it from others. And we all need to practice giving it. It’s harder than it sounds, and we all need a reminder sometimes.

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