5 Strong at the field

DATE: 2022-06-30
AO: Freestate
Q: Deagle
PAX: Horshack, Old Bay, Butter
FNGs: Cannoli
• SSH x 25 IC
• Swingbillies X15 IC
• Shoulder Taps X15 IC
• Plank Jacks X15 IC
• Mountain Climber X15 IC
• 2 laps around the blacktop
• El Capitan x 15 IC
• Hairy Rockets x15 IC
• Monkey Humpers X15 IC
• Cherry Pickers x 15 IC
• Windmills x 15 IC

• 6 exercises, split to two groups, one crosses 30 yards while the other performs exercise. Then switch o 30 yrds bear crawl / Coupon Curls
o 30 yrds murder bunnies / Squats with Coupons
o 30 yrds Wheel Barrel / Upper Press
o 30 yrds Crab-crawl / Plank
o 30 yrds Lunge Walk / Sky Scrapers
o 30 yrds Rifle Carry / High Knees
• Coupon-a-cide on the tennis court

• Reverse Crunches x 15 IC
• Dolly x 15 IC
• Travoltas x15 IC
• X Factor x 15 IC
• Windshield Wipers X10 IC
• Slow Freddie Mercury x10 IC

7/2 BYOT event

>From Old Bay –
My wife is a school psychologist at Walt Whitman High School. They have about 2400 students. About 30 of those students are in a program called SESES. That stands for Social Emotional Special Educacion Services. Most of the students in that program have an emotional disability such as depression or anxiety. This year about 5 of the 30 students in that program came from a group home called Greentree which is in Bethesda.

The Greentree Shelter (GTS) is the largest emergency family shelter in Maryland’s Montgomery County, created to assist children and their parents facing sudden homelessness.

Serving county residents since 1983, GTS annually provides 115 children and/or their parents the support needed to overcome homelessness with short-term stable housing, food, and the support systems necessary to regain their footing and rebuild their lives.

Each case is unique. One common element is having experienced Trauma or witnessed a traumatic event or both.

Whitman started with 5 Greentree students this past school year- currently there are three. Two students have had changes in their placement due to their special education needs or behavioral circumstances.

First & foremost, these kids need some type of community that is not intertwined with their trauma. Albeit, if it’s male role models to work out with and help them strengthen themselves physically to feel more secure in any way would already be a step in the right direction. That is a starting point.

Long term aspirations include mentorship for those willing to give more of themselves to these youths that don’t have parental figures advocating for them or guiding them in any meaningful direction

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