12 Days off Christmas F3 Style

DATE: 2021-12-23
AO: Olympus
Q: Nano
PAX: Hightower, El Niño, Derecho, Yard Sale, Rambler, Ashe, Gadget, Zeus FNGs: None
WARMUP: The usual
THE THANG: Each PAX was assigned 1 (or 2) exercises corresponding to one the 12 Days of Christmas. When it got to their number we they called it out and we did the exercises the same way the song does.

The exercises:
1-A 100 yd dash to the 50 and back
2-Turkish Get-ups
3-Hand Release Murkins
4- Bonnie Blairs
5- Burpees
6- Squats a jumping
7- Lungers Lunging
8- Mountaineers Climbers
9- Monkey Humpers
10- Pickle pounders
11- Break dancers
12- Man makers with a leap

MARY: A very quick set of LBCs, big boi, and flutter kicks
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Merry Christmas and happy new year/holiday!
COT: Tis the season of giving. But giving doesn’t work with out someone being a receiver. Accept gifts with grace and do feel obligated to reciprocate, instead, reflect on the fact that someone cares enough to gift you something and let that help strengthen your bond.

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