12 Pains of Christmas

DATE: 2021-12-24
AO: 1Stf
Q: Horshack
PAX: Horshack
FNGs: @Scalper @Frozone @Horshack @Blackout @DoughBoy @Mayfield @Snow Bunny Q: @Wolverine COUNT: 8
Conditions: delightful for Christmas Eve

Disclaimer given and lived out as Q forgot his phone.

Learning to Phelps
Piano tappers

Thang: break into 2 teams of 4.

Carry sandbag and coupons to Mt Everest.

Everyone must carry the sandbag and no weight can touch the ground.

1 blocker
2 sandbag over shoulder (team hold plank)
3 burpee
4 Freddie Mercury’s (4 count)
5 shoulder tap merkin
6. Squirrels
7. Bag swings (rest of team holds Al gore)
8. Merkin man makers with sandbag passed between team.

Did not have time for 9-12. Journey back to the flag over Everest.

9 capt thor
10 lbc
11 lemon squeezers in cadence
12 flutter kicks in cadence

Cot: talking about habits and the compounding effect. Take time to align your goals with what you are passionate about/truly want as it is nearly impossible to build a habit without caring about the result/activity.

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