DATE: 2021-12-27
AO: Patriot
Q: Roadkill
PAX: Big Short, Bone, Lucius, Spokes
FNGs: Aidan Prescott @X-Games
WARMUP: SSH, IW, DD/CK, Lap with the coupon
THE THANG: Travel 20 yards with the coupon and then 21 count each of a shoulder, abdominal, and leg exercise. 20 yards and three exercises again at 21 count repeated to the opposite goal line. Travel exercises included murder bunnies, bear crawl with coupon, rifle carry, farmers carry. Exercises of all variety such as for shoulders overhead press, curls, atlas shrugs, kettle bell swings, behind the head lifts. For abs big boy sit ups, WWI sit ups, flutter kicks, skull crushers, Freddie Mercury’s, leg lifts over coupon. For legs goblet squats, jump squats, Bonnie Blair’s, speed skaters, jump over coupons. Upon reaching goal run a lap. Repeat to opposite goal line. Final lap and then close with murder bunnies to the 50. MARY: Hip exercises and donkey kicks.
COT: PAX shared something they did right in 2021 they want to continue in 2022. PAX welcomed Roadkill’s nephew Aidan who is in the Marines at Camp Lejeune up for Christmas break. He took the name X-Games for his love of BMX, skateboarding and other intense sports when not in training.

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