8 is great EMOM

DATE: 2021-10-27
AO: Kodiak
Q: Rikers
PAX: Anchorman, De La Rocha, Inglewood, Pre, Shakira, Refueler FNGs: Inbox
WARMUP: Hair Rockettes, HBW, SSHs, MPs, DWD, CK press -mosey THE THANG: 8 movement EMOM
1st min- 10x burpees
2nd min- 30x Crab cakes
3rd min- 15x shoulder tap merkins
4th min- 10x Big Boi
5th min- 15x Coupon swings
6th min- 6x 5m bear crawl/crawl bear
7th min- 30x Apollo Ohno (w/w/o coupon)
8th min- 10x pull-up
9th min- REST

MARY: Heels to Heaven with twist, coupon pickle pointers, Australian snow angels, steamboats, Plank-o-Rama
ANNOUNCEMENTS: 1yr convergence #Bulldog 10/29 0530, celebration 10/30 @Brisket’s barn 1800-2100 -$20 per HIM
COT: Be the authentic you- candor, transparent, and sharing with the PAX as we are not meant to do this alone. God on the mountain is also God in the valley.

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