Accelerator with coupon

DATE: 2021-10-27
AO: Patriot
Q: Big Short
PAX: Bone, Booking, CableGuy, Flipper, Ice Tea, Spokes, Undertow, Wedding Singer FNGs: None
WARMUP: the normal routine, i.e., side straddle hops, imperial walkers, arm circles, cherry pickers, willie mays heys, downward dog and cobra kai. Then moved to goal line and ran to the opposite goal line, stopping every 10 yards to do either 10 mericans or 10 body weight squats. Repeat back to the original goal line.

THE THANG: The accelerator! First stage: 10 shoulder presses with coupon, then shoulder carry the coupons to the other end of the field, put the coupons down and run a lap around the track.

Continue for four more stages. For each stage, (i) repeat the exercises from the previous stage, (ii) add a new exercise, (iii) shoulder carry the coupon to the other end of the field and (iv) run a lap.

The fifth and final stage: 10 shoulder presses with coupon, 20 decline dercans (feet on coupon), 30 coupon curls, 40 jump overs (jumping over the coupon) and 50 leg lifts over the coupon.

MARY: 50 LBCs, 25 toy soldiers, 30 flutter kicks and 25 more toy soldiers.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: look on the f2 channel

COT: snippet for the day: “We should be careful of each other / We should be kind / While there is still time.” Courtesy of the Men in Blazers newsletter.

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