Lunge Party

DATE: 2021-08-17
AO: Delphi
Q: Pop Fly
PAX: Glee, I-Beam, Rambler, Hoolihan, Dunder, swish, Switch
FNGs: Blue Grass
WARMUP: Stretching
(1) 10 rounds of Blast Off (round of 11 merkins)
(2) Run up the hill at 50%, 75%, 100% (round of 11 merkins after each run) (3) Lunge, Lunge, Squat up the hill (round of 11 merkins)
(4) 100% up the hill
(5) Suicides x2 with 11 merkins + 11 squats
MARY: Social Bear Crawl Circle
ANNOUNCEMENTS: 9/11 is coming
COT: Be a goldfish

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