Monday Night Ruckery -LP ed

DATE: 2023-05-08
AO: Mondaynightruckers
Q: Stewie
PAX: Rocketman, Spooks, MacGruber, Jetstream, Blip
FNGs: FNG Bobby (Spooks)

4.55 mi loop…Nice rapid elevation gains inside the park and leveled out for the home stretch. 17.8 min/mi Nice pace, boys considering sandbags coupled with terrain. Coupon-swaps were generally prompted by someone having that feeling something is crawling up your shorts…its tick season!!! Pretty much everyone was pulling them buggers off.

MARY: None

1. 2.0 Workout will slide to another weekend due to nearly everyone being out of town or committed to something on May 20. Look for separate message in channel. 2. Only 3 weeks left till the Murph!
3. Rocketman is helping PAX in the Blueridge Region to plant new flags in Middleburg and Berryville.

Talked about F3, core principles, etc.

(This message loosely taken from a past sermon but seemed appropriate based on conversations tonight)

Have integrity
Do not attempt to compartmentalize your life and let sin enter into one area of your life and expect everything to be OK as long as that part of your life doesnt affect all the others. (Heavy drinking, porn, lying to your boss, courting a co-worker as a married man, etc) This is the Titanic myth.

The Titanic was designed with multiple isolated chambers to allow it to float if the hull was breached and any two of its chambers were flooded.

Same goes for your life. Wear the shield of God with you always, do not let sin sneak in and takeover any part of you. The part you try to compartmentalize will eventually flood, fill-up, and will take the rest of you down.

Have integrity in all that you do, in all aspects of your life. Be whole.

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