DATE: 2023-03-07
AO: General
Q: Hard Knox
PAX: 2 percent, citrus, Toolbox, Fairweather, Lazlo
FNGs: Obadiah
WARMUP: SSH, overhead press, LBAC, Michael Phelps, imperial Walker, windmill, cherry picker, Willy Mayes Hayes, downward Dog, cobra Kai, worlds greatest stretch

THE THANG: – How do you build a house? 1 plank at a time. PAXs take turns being “foreman”. Choose exercise followed by 3, 4, and 5 minute rotating planks.

MARY: Flutter kick, toy soldiers, mountain climbers, dying cockroach.


COT: – David French – only man can be a father, only man can be a husband, every man can be a friend – What house are you building today?

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