GTE 35 Ruck Training #1

DATE: 2023-01-04
AO: Patriot
Q: Maj. Payne
PAX: Lazlo, Beaux, Old Bay, bogey, CableGuy, Wallace, Sunshine, Ice Tea, Passport, Legacy, Smokey, Anchor Man, 3 mile, Maguire, Wedding Singer, Big Short, Lucius, Mackerel FNGs: Big Data
20 PAX posted in the gloom for the first in a series of Ruck Training workouts. No fear — just getting in some solid PT as a team. Those without a ruck got to work with cinderblock coupons.

WARMUP (Slick – no ruck):
10 x SSH
10 x IW
15 x Cherry Pickers
10 x WMH
10 LBACs front and rear
Down Dog / Cobra Kai
20 HRPU (hand release push-ups), 20 BSU (butterfly sit-ups)
10 HRPU (hand release push-ups), 10 BSU (butterfly sit-ups)

THE THANG: Don rucks
Bear crawl ladder on field (if no ruck, lunge walk with coupon for ten steps instead for said amount of bear crawl steps): – 10 x bear crawl steps, then rifle carry ruck for remainder of 100 yds
– 20 x bear crawl steps, then left hand farmer carry ruck for remainder of 100 yds
– 30 x bear crawl steps, then right hand farmer carry ruck for remainder of 100 yds
– 40 x bear crawl steps, then front carry ruck (no straps) for remainder of 100 yds

Pick up coupons ( 200# sandbag, 2 x 80# sandbags, 2 x 60# sandbags, 1 x 50# sandbag, Sand bucket) and move out for semi-loop around school. Rotate coupons approx every 40 steps. Focus on making transitions between PAX more efficient. As expected, the PAX got strung out, with the 200# sandbag falling to the rear. Short stop to explain the importance of keeping a tight group — 10 x Ruck Merkins, 20 x Ruck Squats for fun. After the stop, task organized the PAX into buddy teams who handed coupons off to each other #taskorganizationmatters and #teamworkmatters. Efficiency improved greatly as the PAX moved.

MARY: 25 x Ruck flutter kicks

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Ruck training every Wednesday through Feb 1 at #thepatriot. Looking forward to seeing many more PAX sign up for GTE 35 here:

COT: #teamworkmatters. We don’t succeed by ourselves. Every man needs a brother by his side, especially when things get tough. We all are fighting our own battles, but we cannot fight them alone. Reach out for help and reach out to help. That’s the secret to success.


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