Fitty K

DATE: 2022-11-15
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Brown Bag
PAX: Gherkin, 2 percent, 3 mile, Kodiak, Mr Haand, Magoo, Old Bay, SPINAL TAP FNGs: Kombucha; Attache
WARMUP: SSH, IW, DQ, CP, WMH, LBAC, 20 Merkins
THE THANG: Run to Hill behind ball field, perform 10 Merkins and run up hill and back, then 9 Merkins and run up hill for 1 Merkin and all the way down the ladder for total of 11 climbs and 110 Merkins; run to coupons and do six sets of a variety of 10 Merkins, 10 Alpos, 10 curls and go to midfield and back (high knees, skips, karaoke, shuffle, Yves poll and sprint)
MARY: American Hammer, Nolan Ryan (courtesy of 2%), Flutter Kick, Superman, 10 Merkins ANNOUNCEMENTS: Regional 2F coming up
COT: One minute of mindful breathing; completed my challenge to perform 50k Merkins this year; grateful to this group for helping me push through; good news is probably won’t make you do any more Merkins this year but bad news is I’ve got a 10k pull-up challenge planned for next year!

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