Orange Hunt Audible

DATE: 2022-09-06
AO: Delphi
Q: Hightower
PAX: Hoolihan, Gadget, Rocket, Peanuts, Juneau, Dunder, Pop Fly, Rambler, Wham-O, Bluegrass FNGs: None
SSH and lots of stretching, followed by fellowship laps around Orange Hunt school

Split into (5) groups of 2, 1 group of 3.
Station 1: step ups
Station 2: dips on bench
Station 3: bricklayer Merkins
Station 4: downhill bear crawl, uphill crawl bear
Station 5: med ball slam & squat wall toss
3 rounds, at end of each round jog around the school

Ring of Fire round of Mary

Dad’s Camp
9/11 stair climb
Regional shirt order closes 9/15
Prayers for Juneau’s M, baby #2 coming later this week.
Rambler’s hike on AT

Choices we make. We’re all a product of the Choices we’ve made. Whether the choices as young adults, to now as fathers to our family. Let’s be better stewards to our family and friend to help others make better choices in their lives.

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