Going the Distance

DATE: 2022-08-26
AO: Patriot
Q: Lucius
PAX: Anchor Man, Big Short, Booking, Bone, CableGuy, Elvis, Flipper, Ice Tea, Jag, Lazlo, Legacy, Schwab, My Space, Tiësto FNGs: None
SSH; Cherry Pickers; Don Quixiotes; LBACs; Downward Dog; Cobra Kai; Childs Pose; Moroccan Night Clubs; Mosey

200-Yard Log Roll – Teams of PAX took turns rolling small sections of telephone pole for 10 yards via the standard bear-crawl method. Resting PAX rested with rest exercises: 10x Sqauats; 10x Lunge Steps; 10x Air Presses; 10x Merkins; repeat until it was their turn to push the log.

Going the Distance: PAX split into pairs, which performed 200-Yard CB Rifle Carry; 200-Yard CB Farmers Carry; 200-Yard CB Shoulder Carry (with 1x Atlas Shrug every 10 yards). While one partner performed the carry, the other rested with rest exercises, including: Squats, Merkins, Air Press; Alternating Shoulder Taps, Lunge Steps. Repeat for lightning round (100-yard carries).

Flutter Kicks; LBCs

9/11 Stair Climb (including 05:00, 06:00, and 21:00-the-night-before options); 9/12 Highlands Evening AO Launch with Monday Night Football; Dadscamp.

Tenacity is a gift. Go the distance.

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