Change can be Scary

DATE: 2022-08-26
AO: Sparta
Q: Hightower
PAX: Pop Fly, Shogun, K-Pop, Lightyear, Peanuts, Zeus
FNGs: None
SSH and a few stretches to get ready for upper body work.


1 min on then 30 sec recovery
4 rounds, try to increase count each round
End of each round, Rifle carry your coupon across field

Tri extension
Bent over rows
Split squat/press & coupon swings

Round of Fire lead by 3 PAX

Dad’s Camp
Sept 11 Stair Climb

Prayers for Banjo WV, his mother recently passed away


Ted Lasso halftime speech from season 1, tie game, lost their best player Fellas we’re broken
We need to change, change can be scary
Embracing change, being brave
Best part, at end of speech. Ted says ‘everybody’s eyes on me when I say this’. Smacks the Believe sign

Change is how we grow, we evolve. Think back to first time you came out to F3. Who were you back then, who are you know. What changes have you gone through? Embrace change!

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