Push, Pull and Run

DATE: 2022-07-18
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Brown Bag
PAX: Maj. Payne, Disco, sticks, Mr Haand, 3 mile, Lazlo, Median, Kodiak FNGs: ArmBar, Attache
WARMUP: SSH, DQ, WMH, CP, LBAC, DownDog, Cobra Kai, 25 Merkins
THE THANG: 6 sprints from midfield to endline and back EMOM followed by the following series (performed twice) every 2:15: (1) Merkinx15, AirSquatx15, Alpox15, Run to Midfield and Jog Back
(2) Derkinsx15, Goblet Squatx15, Bent Over Rowx15, Karaoke to Midfield and Jog Back
(3) Diamond Merkinx15, Bonnie Blair (single count x15), Kettle Bell Swing x15, Skip to Midfield and Jog Back
(4) Incline Merkinx15, Mountain Climber (single countx15), Curlx15, Yves Poll to Midfield and Jog Back
(5) Werkinsx15, Calf Raisex25, Around the World (x8 each direction), Side Shuffle to Midfield and Jog Back
MARY: Flutter Kick, Penguin Crunch, American Hammer, Superman, 25 Merkins for a total of 200 for the workout ANNOUNCEMENTS: Labor Day Party at Major’s House!
COT: Reminder based on recent personal experience for us to all check in with our kids and seeing what they’re doing on the internet

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