Coupon Suicides

DATE: 2022-07-19
AO: Delphi
Q: Pop Fly
PAX: Hightower, Zeus, Monk, Shogun, Obadiah, Dunder, Rambler, YNAB, Hoolihan, Juneau, I-Beam, Yard Sale FNGs: Rocket
WARMUP: SSHs, WMHs, Merkins, Supine Rockettes
1) One round of coupon station work. 14 stations. the timer had to run from the tennis courts to the basketball court and back. 2) five rounds of tennis court suicides
3) 140 calf raises
MARY: Merkins, Glee’s, Rocky sit ups
ANNOUNCEMENTS: dad’s camp, 911, USA Women’s soccer match against Nigeria
COT: Be a rockstar. do the routine as best you can everyday. Be excellent in the routine

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