Holiday Ultimate

DATE: 2022-06-20
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: 3 mile
PAX: Fish Fry, Anchor Man, citrus, Big Short, Old Bay, Kodiak, Mayberry, Legacy, Mr Haand FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, michael phelps, IW, cherry pickers, WMH, down dog, up dog, lunge stretch THE THANG: Lunge walk down the field
10 Merkins / 20 mtn climbers / 30 calf raises / 40 dry docks / 50 squats Extreme Ultimate Frisbee
ANNOUNCEMENTS: 7/2 – tubing at Harper’s Ferry; 7/4 Horizon hosting Patriot Convergence
COT: so much going on recently for all of us, YHC included: Juneteenth, end of kids’ school, Father’s Day, wedding anniversary, vacation upcoming. hoping for refreshed perspective for all us so we can appreciate the big, important things in life

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