ClusterQ High School!

DATE: 2022-06-20
AO: Patriot
Q: Legacy
PAX: Big Short, Bone, CableGuy, Maj. Payne, Wedding Singer, Yardbird, Ice Tea, Lazlo FNGs: My Space, Tiesto
WARMUP: SSH, Imperial Walkers, HB, Michael Phelps, MNC, Cherry Picker, Willy Mays Haze,
THE THANG: Going back, K-12, with laps and a series of exercises OYO, going from sideline to sideline. Elem: Lap, then Merkins:1-5, Middle School, Lap, 15 Merkins, then 6,7,8 burpees, ClusterQ High: Lap, followed orientation, rounds of shoulder taps and Mountain Climbers, then 9, 10 no surrenders, summer school: step ups and dips, SATs and College Admission essays: wall sit, call out a state capital, bear crawl, BTW, in order, one sentence or less, what you learned about yourself during the pandemic.

MARY: Bird Dogs, LBC, Toy Soldiers
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Ruck n Float July 2, Major Payne doing an overnight event in PA soon COT: Thank you, Patriot AO for welcoming me!

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