The more the pax, the more the pain

DATE: 2022-03-25
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Yardbird
PAX: 3 mile, Disco, Fish Fry, Kodiak, Lazlo, Magoo, Mayberry, Mr Haand, Poe, sticks FNGs: FNG, Uber
WARMUP: SSH, arm circles, hip swivels, cherry pickers, imperial walkers, WMH, ddog, cobra, awkward fellowship lap to coupons. THE THANG:

Emerging in fog that is more than a BIT, panic sets in as I cannot see Sh$t! 12 pax all on a LINE, 1 will do burpees and that will be FINE. 1 starter PAX hears “exerCISE,” completes 1 burpee per man to no one’s surpRISE. 11 yield coupons at the very same TIME. At burpee com-ple-TION, sprint other end for more Mer-kin-FUN. Mosey back to midFIELD, and finish with bear crawl which is less than IDEAL. During next round, thinks I, we shall certainly modifY! Safely back to our coupON we move left for a new ONE. Next pax turn for set of burPEE, while the rest will take coupons with GLEE. And so it goes with coupON and ON and ON and ON…all the while listening to the Bird of the YARD, thinking, boy this sure is awkWAAAARD!!

Overhead press
Grave diggers
Chest press
Overhead squats
Toe taps
Coupon jumps
Bear crawl, karaoke, high knees, butt kickers, backwards…
100 merkins give or take…

MARY: 40 lbcs
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Q for ruck? And other stuff, probably.
COT: Thanks for the witnesses of those who Q, it’s good to step up as other areas of life have not required much in terms of leadership. F3 has been a very good thing in my life since December. Cheers!

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