Tour De Bulldog

DATE: 2021-10-27
AO: Loco
Q: Shute
PAX: ToolTime, Leonidas, Bobcat, Gigawatt, Brisket
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, Arm Circles, Michael Phelps, Don Quixotes, DD, Cobra Kai THE THANG:
1. Field of Dreams
a. Toe taps / Mosey
b. Jump Overs / High Knees
c. Squats / Lunge Walk
d. American Hammer / Overhead carry
2. Field of Nightmares
a. Man maker burpees / Murder Bunny
b. Shoulder Press / Bunny Murderers
c. Squat Press / Murder Bunny
d. Coupon Swing / Bunny Murderers
e. Goblet Squat / Mosey to next spot
3. Snakes in the Grass (logs with chains)
a. Hold Plank (2 teams race)
4. Hacksaw Ridge
a. 4×10 Merkins
5. Hacksaw’s Evil Twin
a. Bear crawl
b. Crawl bear
6. The Graveyard
a. Step ups
b. Derkins
c. Bulgarian Split Squats
ANNOUNCEMENTS: 1 Year Celebration and Trunk or Treat
COT: Reflecting on the one year mark for this AO. I couldn’t image starting an outdoor workout right before winter. Who does that? We F3 do that! Through the winter we turned sad clowns into leaders. Keep accelerating, keep showing up. Aye!

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