DATE: 2021-10-09
AO: Farm
Q: Infinity
PAX: Matthew – Running Man
FNGs: None
WarmUp: SSHs, Copperhead Squats, Don Quixotes, Beet Pickers, Michael Phelps, and 200m Mosey.

The Thang:
Tabata (20 seconds on and 10 seconds off, 8 times through)
Tabata Squat Thrusts
200m Mosey

Tabata Little Bitty Arm Circles
200m Mosey

Tabata Mountain Climbers
200m Mosey

Tabata Shoulder Taps
200m Mosey

Tabata Air Squats
200m Mosey

5-10-5 Jack Webbs

Mary: Flutter Kicks, Side Crunches, Australian Snow Angels, Sweat Angels, and American Hammers.

CoT: “God’s message is that worthiness is not flawlessness. Worthiness is being honest and trying.” – Brad Wilcox

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