All Quiet in West Springfield

DATE: 2021-08-31
AO: Delphi
Q: I-Beam
PAX: Rambler, Roddick, Khakis, Glee, Switch, swish, Nano, Bluegrass, Hoolihan, Dunder, Lightyear, YNAB FNGs: Mr. Miyagi
WARMUP: SSH, Air Squats, Merkins, Cherry Pickers, Don Quixote, Bonnie Blairs THE THANG: Modified Loredo
6 Rounds, or AMRPA within 30 minutes
24 Air Squats (or 12 IC)
24 Merkins (or 12 IC)
24 Lunges (or 12 IC)
One Lap outside the Field Perimeter
Burpees to bring in the six

MARY: Flutter Kicks, LBCs, American Hammer, Pickle Pumpers (eye contact necessary) ANNOUNCEMENTS: Sept 11 Stair Climb, Iron Pax Week 0 at #Olympus
COT: Army Staff Sgt. Edward Loredo died June 24, 2010 serving during Operation Enduring Freedom. Loredo, 34, of Houston, TX; assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne, Fort Bragg, NC; died in Jelewar, Afghanistan, when insurgents attacked his unit with an IED which was detonated near his dismounted patrol.
He was one of the thousands of paratroopers in jump boots, baggy pants, and maroon berets who jump out of aircraft loaded with a ton of gear and stare danger right in the face. They jump out of airplanes into the worst hellholes on the planet, find terrorists cowering in their caves, take the fight to the enemy, and tread where the timid dare not go.
Loredo joined the Army shortly after HS graduation. He met his wife, Jennifer, in the Army. First Sergeant Jennifer Loredo, Edwardo’s wife, was deployed to northern Afghanistan when she got news that her husband had been killed in southern Afghanistan. Loredo had previously served in Iraq. He died just one day short of his 35th birthday and just weeks before he was to finish his tour in the Middle East.
His family says Edwardo was an adventurer. He adored his wife and family, and he loved to cook for his family. Edwardo is survived by his 2-year-old son, Eddie; his 7-year-old daughter, Laura; and his 13-year-old stepdaughter, Alexis.

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