Follow Me to the Sandbag Relays

DATE: 2021-07-26
AO: Patriot
Q: Lucius
PAX: Bone, Big Short, CableGuy, Cena, Flipper, Lazlo, Maguire, Maj. Payne, Poe, Sunshine, 2 percent, Vila, Wedding Singer FNGs: None
SSH; Windmills; Cherry Pickers; Downward Dog; Cobra Kai; Moroccan Night Clubs

Follow Me: Mosey; Lunge Walk; Bear Crawl; Mosey; 2x (25x Step-Ups; 11x Derkins); Mosey; Bear Crawl; Mosey

Sandbag Relay: PAX split into teams, who then performed the following 60-lb sandbag races: Bear-Crawl Sandbag Pull-Thru (10 yards for each PAX on the way out and 10 yards on the way back); Sandbag Clean and Throw (10 yards for each PAX on the way out and 10 yards on the way back); Sandbag Carry (distances of 30 yards, 60 yards, and 90 yards for each PAX). Rest exercises included: Alt. Shoulder Taps; Lunge Steps; Merkins; Body-Weight Squats; Overhead Clap; Air Press; and Mountain Climbers.

24-7 Burpees: PAX ran 24 yards; performed 7 burpees; then ran back. 2x.

Flutter Kicks; LBCs

HH 2000 on Thursday at Westover Beer Market and Forrest Inn. Sasquatch coming soon.

On recent business travel, YHC was struck by how life’s obligations (and finding a rental car in Minnesota) can push out important daily routines and relationships. As your life refills after the summer, fight to preserve time for what is important.

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