Field of Pain

DATE: 2021-07-19
AO: Farm
Q: Gekko (Keith Capp)
PAX: Infinity, Matthew – Running Man, Chile
FNGs: None
SSH, IC x20
Michael Phelps, IC x20
Cherry pickers, IC x15
Butt kickers, IC x15
Jog around the triangle

Playground of Pain x 4 Rounds: 40 sec on / 20 sec off
– Step Ups
– Plank
– Merkins (or Dips)
– Squats
– Pull Ups (or Dips)
Sprint across the field

Penguin Crunchies, 20 IC
American Hammers, 15 IC
Side plank, Count off to 30
Elbow Plank, Count off to 30

Quit chasing perfection. Perfection is unattainable leading to inevitable disappointment. Instead chase improvement. Every step in the right direction is a moment worth celebrating. Sarah Silber

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