DATE: 2021-07-20
AO: Atlantis
Q: Jonathan E. Crittenden
PAX: Infinity, Deflator, Bratwurst, Grease Monkey, Momentum, Rogue, Rapid-J.Snow FNGs: None
Don Quioxotes
Twist Lunges
Sitting Arm Cycles
Superman 4 counts (Y/ W / T….1)
Bicep merkins x10
Bird dog crunches
Dive Bombers x10
Dirty dogs
Plank Jacks
Donkey Kicks
Merkins x25

–Bridge Assault–

RunUp at sunup: Lead runner takes off for first peninsula (set PAX to 5-10-15 of burpees merkins 4count mtn climbers)

After returning, with PAX holding their planks/stretch planks, call out “next runner!”

Then during successive runups to first peninsula:

Continue Burpees Merkins Mtn Climbers and holding planks while waiting ….🎶 ” leaning rest with each successive assault runner.

All assault the second peninsula !

“…Momma told Jonny not to go downtown
Marine corps recruiter was hanging around

Johnny didn’t listen and he went anyway
Wanted to hear what staff sergeant had to say

MEPS loaded Johnny on a greyhound bus
hey, staff sergeant, where are you taking us?

Momma told “Johnny don’t you dare cry,
PIs gonna put a real gleam in your eye!”

He was off to the land that God forgot
Where the sand fleas sting and the sun gets hot

He saw the yellow footprints two by two
Wondered what the DIs would make him do

Hey there Recruit, you better behave
Hit the sand pit, shit, shower and shave!

Gave him an old ruck and a canteen cup
Broke Johnny down then built him up

Trained like hell, expert on the range
Earning the title felt mighty strange

DI walked the ranks, row by row
Pinned on Johnny’s eagle, anchor and globe

Momma said, “Marine, you done your best!
But if you cross me boy, Its the leaning rest.”

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