Summer at Camp

DATE: 2021-07-05
AO: Patriot
Q: Lucius
PAX: Big Short, Bone, Booking, CableGuy, Disco, Fish Fry, Jenner, Kodiak, Lazlo, Mayberry, Maj. Payne, Monk, Old Bay, Wedding Singer FNGs: Attache; Magellan; Monet;
SSH; LBACs (fore and aft); Cherry Pickers; Downward Dog; Cobra Kai; Rockettes.

The PAX recreated a quintessential summer experience–a trip to summer camp. Here is a mostly-true retelling of their experience.

The PAX began by taking their luggage to their campsite, each carrying a cinderblock on a short running tour of the grounds. To keep their cinderblocks dry when fording a torrent of rushing water, the PAX performed an overhead carry.

The PAX split into nine teams, then moved between the camp’s program areas, performing AMRAP exercises at each until relieved: – Shooting Sports: AMRAP of 35-yard rifle carry and 5x burpees; – Aquatics: AMRAP of 15x Cinderblock Rows and 15x Flutter Kicks; – Canoeing: AMRAP of 10x Boat-Loader Atlas Shrugs and 15x Boat/Canoe; – Handicraft: AMRAP of Man-Makers (with 22-lb pavers);
– Hiking: AMRAP Step-Ups;
– Insect Study: AMRAP of 20x Merkins, 10x Jump Squats, and 10x Dead Bugs; – Forestry: AMRAP of 10x Log Overhead Press and 10x Log Curls; and – Bird Study: AMRAP of 10x Chicken Peckers and 10-Second Wall Sit.
When not at a program area, the PAX ran the bleachers to relieve the other groups.

The PAX regrouped for mammal study, via 40 yards of Bear Crawl and 40 yards of Bunny Hop.

The PAX ended the day with a brief closing ceremony and s’mores. Or maybe just enjoyed announcements and the COT, before heading to coffeeteria.

– A ruck/float/Sasquatch is afoot in Harper’s Ferry on July 24. Details are sparse, but to be announced. – Watch slack for happy hour details.

YHC had the opportunity to accompany a group of Scouts to summer camp a few weeks ago. Summer camps seem stuck in time. Many activities, traditions, and entertainments have remained unchanged for decades. YHC enjoyed the opportunity to engage in these traditions in a large-group setting that the pandemic made impossible last year. Celebrating America’s Birthday gave many of us the opportunity to reconnect with friends and family over holiday traditions. As you move through your week, consider what other traditions it is time to begin anew.

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