Veterans’ Elevens

DATE: 2022-11-11
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Disco
PAX: Gherkin, Kodiak, Magoo, Booking, sticks
FNGs: None
Laughing at Twitter so I’m a day late posting this:

WARMUP: M Phelps, LBACs, SSH, WMH, CP, D Dog/Cobra
Fellowship Lap
Merkins/Burpees – 12 yd bear crawl each interval

Gravediggers/Coupon Squats – 12 yd Coupon lunge each interval

Fellowship Lap

MARY: J Los, Flutters, LBCs, cross-toe touches, shoulder taps, WWIs ANNOUNCEMENTS: Rained out
COT: Thank a veteran. Remember a veteran.

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