Ultimate Frisbee and the Traveling Adjudicators

DATE: 2022-09-26
AO: Highlands
Q: citrus
PAX: Jag, Speedo, Hightower
FNGs: Touche, FNG Ultimate
WARMUP: SSH, WMH, pumpkin pickers, IW, hillbillies, merkins, downward dog, world’s greatest stretch.

THE THANG: Traveling Adjudicator had YHC leading the PAX around the entire Highlands compound by mosey, bear crawl, crawl bear, walking lunges, and karaoke. At each station one PAX proposed an exercise, while the leader from the previous station adjudicated whether said exercise was harder or easier than 5 burpees. If harder, we did the proposed exercise. If easier, we did 5 burpees. Harder exercises included: * Crawl bear up the staircase
* 5 merkins+pullups+squats on the playground
* 10 derkins on the park benches
* Suicides
* A new exercise invented by Touché – the Getup-Burpee (the Gurpee?)

Followed up with a rousing game of ultimate frisbee, whereby FNG (soon to be named “Ultimate”) exerted his dominance on the rest of the PAX. Burpee penalty if the frisbee hit the ground, plus a Mary-like exercise led by any team that scored.

MARY: See above.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: The Grunt is 11/12 – need Qs.

COT: @roadkill talked about stepping outside his “faith history” to learn more about another religion. At their core, our faiths likely have more in common than they have differences – take some time to learn what others are about.

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