Choose your own adventure

DATE: 2022-09-16
AO: Sparta
Q: Peanuts
PAX: Obadiah, Zeus, Rambler
FNGs: None
THE THANG: Q chose method of travel from end zone to end zone stopping every 20 yards for an a la carte beatdown by one of the PAX – reps matched the yard line (20, 40, 40, 20, 100). Turned around, did it all again. Grabbed coupons and did it again 10 yards at a time to the 40 and raced back to end zone for Professor Copperfield’s Miracle Legumes that the Q left behind. MARY: no
ANNOUNCEMENTS: have you heard Rambler’s camping story?
COT: Given all the complaining from the Pax let them choose and they punished us more than I would have. Just goes to show even when we are worn out we are gonna try to push one another to do a little bit more. That’s the fun thing about IPC – even though it is a you v. you event, I still hear everyone out there encouraging one another.

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