Snakes and stairs

DATE: 2022-08-02
AO: General
Q: citrus
PAX: bogey, Jag, Lazlo, Speedo, Fairweather, Flipper, Moneyball, Trolley, Toolbox FNGs: None
WARMUP: 35 foot shuffle, SSH, WMH, cherry pickers, windmills, rockettes, down dog, tempo squats, worlds greatest stretch

PART 1: Lining up on the goal line, the PAX made their way to the sideline, up 5 yards, then back to the other sideline, using various means of locomotion and stopping to do exercises as follows every 5 yard line marker:

Goal line – 1 burpee / bear crawl
5 – hand-release merkins / crawl bear
10 – reverse lunges / jog
15 – dry docks / shuffle right
20 – Lunges / shuffle left
25 – Squats / jog backwards
30 – merkins / jog
35 – Overhead claps / karaoke left
40 – Mountain climbers / karaoke right
45 – Calf raises / Frankenstein walk
50 – LBCs

They then reversed the order and descended the ladder, ending at the far goal line.

Monthly challenge: ✅

PART 2: 154 stairs

MARY: Flutter kicks, WWI, Nolan Ryans, toy soldiers


COT: Listen to your body and modify as necessary. Everyone has spent time on the IR by pushing too hard – challenging yourself is important, but learning when to back off is just as important.

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