Setting Sail with Cinder Blocks

DATE: 2021-12-03
AO: Patriot
Q: Lucius
PAX: Booking, Big Short, CableGuy, citrus, Elvis, Fish Fry, Flipper, Ice Tea, Jag, Lazlo, Maguire, Mayberry, Obadiah, Shake and Bake, Speedo (Brad Luring), Sunshine, 2 percent FNGs: None
SSH, LBACs, Mosey, Windmills, Mosey, Downward Dog, Mosey, Moroccan Night Clubs, Mosey, Willie Mays Hayes, Mosey.

PAX carried their cinderblocks for 250 yards, pausing every 25 yards for CB Curls, CB Overhead Press, CB Goblet Squats, Merkins (some Regular, some Cross-Overs), and Irenes (CB Clean and Press). Repeat.

PAX split into two groups. Half performed Elevens (Merkin and Jump Squat). Half performed a 10-minute Farmer’s Carry (one CB per hand, like a farmer) with 10 Merkins each time they put their CBs down. Flip Flop.

50x LBC. This could count for the monthly challenge. But it doesn’t.

Join us for F3 Bowling at Bowl America on Dec. 16. RSVP to Old Bay today. Don’t let Lazlo bowl alone.

YHC was recently reading about the mutiny on the HMS Bounty, in which the ship’s crew found their commanding officer, William Bligh, so caustic, overbearing, and generally annoying that they set him and 18 others adrift in a small launch. In the middle of the Pacific. As you captain your ship through life, don’t be like Captain Bligh. Treat your crew of family, friends, and coworkers with kindness and respect. And never accuse them of stealing your coconuts or cut off their supply of rum.

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