Cat & Mouse games

DATE: 2021-10-05
AO: Delphi
Q: Hightower
PAX: Obadiah, Glee, Rambler, Dunder, Lightyear, Bluegrass, YNAB, Gadget, K-Pop, Roddick, Pop Fly, Hightower FNGs: None
Fellowship laps, followed by general warm up and stretching

Tom & Jerry time!
PAX split in 2 groups on penalty box line. Partner 1 runs reverse to other penalty line, while partner 2 does exercise then sprints after his partner. Switch roles opposite side to return. Round1: 5 burpees
Round 2: 10 merkins
Round 3: 15 air squats
Round 4: 10 star jumps
Round 5: 3 Getups

Active recovery:
Wall sits, bear crawl done the line, followed by fellowship laps around field.

Ring of fire through 10 rounds of core exercises

10 year F3 anniversary this weekend in Wilmington, NC
The Grunt, new date Nov 6. More details to follow
Backpacking Front Royal to Harpers Ferry, Nov 5-7.

Mental well-being of our PAX.

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